Videos about Mobile Device Demo Programs - from Vienna Channels

Simplifying Phone Trials with a Managed Mobile Demo Program

Vienna Channels simplifies phone trials with through a managed mobile device demo program that offers a custom-branded website for you to capture and track your orders. All products are bar code scanned before they're sent to prospective clients. This allows you to see where the product is at any given time and ensures a higher return rate at the end of the phone trials. Sales managers and key executives can track the entire process online.

How to Clear Personal Data for a Mobile Phone Trial

Simply hitting a factory reset on a mobile device does not necessarily clear the personal data stored on a unit.

So it is imperative you have someone go through all the menus and check for:

  • pictures,
  • text messages,
  • emails,
  • contacts,
  • and videos.

This will eliminate a potentially embarrassing situation for you and your client.

By allowing Vienna Channels to manage your mobile phone demo process, you can rest assured knowing your devices are thoroughly prepared for every phone trial.

How to Increase the ROI of your Mobile Phone Demo Program

Vienna Channels, which designs and implements comprehensive mobile phone demo programs for the top wireless carriers & mobile technology manufacturers, discusses how mobile device manufacturers can save money by outsourcing their mobile phone demo program.

Need a Demo Program for Mobile Testing?

Mobile device manufactures and wireless carriers have trusted Vienna Channels for years to oversee sales-focused demo programs that consistently increase their ROI.

Ensuring that demo units arrive to qualified buyers, averaging a 90% return rate and collecting valuable end-user survey data is no small feat, but Vienna Channels has done it with ease since 2004.