What Vienna Channels Can Do for You

Getting your mobile device into the hands of the corporate decision maker is worth as much as $1.5 billion in sales. Vienna Channels gives clients the competitive advantage by making this process easier, cheaper, more efficient, and more professional.

We offer a comprehensive package combining:

  • Custom-branded demo order websites. This keeps your name and logo before the customer.
  • Efficient order placement for your customers. The demo process should be seamless, so you look good.
  • Quality assurance on demo devices prior to shipment. Your devices will be in prime condition for the prospect, fully loaded with the correct software and firmware, equipped with the proper accessories, and cleared of any personal data from a previous demo cycle.
  • Next-day shipment of in-stock items to prospective buyers. They can evaluate and purchase immediately.
  • Reliable order tracking and contact information for your sales teams. They'll know who has demo units, when they're due back, how many they plan to purchase, and more. Your salespeople can schedule sales calls for maximum effectiveness.
  • Real-time demo program reports and analysis for your sales managers. Every manager wants real-time analysis.
  • Unsurpassed return rates of demos, allowing for multiple demo cycles with a single item. You'll save on inventory.
  • Product feedback surveys (if desired) within the demo cycle. You'll gather immediate user feedback.
  • Survey reports and analysis for your sales managers and product development teams (if using surveys). Your staff can review the data. Our system does the crunching.

The net results for our mobile technology clients are:

  • A substantial increase in the number of product trials that result in sales.
  • Fewer dollars wasted on unreturned data devices.
  • A wealth of information for managing a sales team and driving sales.

Vienna Channels is unique in the industry, and no other company exists that offers complete demo services designed to drive sales. Historically, the wireless industry has experienced a return rate of only 30-50% for demo products. Vienna Channels delivers superior results for our clients, beginning with a program that reaches a 95-98% return rate on data devices, a statistic we track daily. With the increasing cost of smartphones and data devices, wireless companies can invest significantly less with Vienna Channels and reap greater rewards.

Wireless carriers & mobile technology manufacturers turn to Vienna Channels to meet one of two goals:

  1. Maintain their investment in demo programs, while increasing sales.
    Vienna Channels will double the number of devices put into the hands of potential corporate buyers.
  2. Cut their demo program costs, while maintaining sales.
    Vienna Channels will achieve the same results with a lower investment.