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Vienna Channels Announces 30% Growth in 2010

Colleyville, TX (Vocus/PRWEB) — April 05, 2011

Outsourced phone demo programs increase demo phone returns, save manufacturers money

Vienna Channels, which designs and implements comprehensive mobile device demo programs for top wireless carriers and mobile technology leaders such as Verizon Wireless, Samsung and RIM, announced that the company experienced a 30 percent growth in 2010, thanks in large part to proliferation of the new 4G networks.

"We signed 14 new accounts in 2010, which accounted for our incredible growth," Vienna Channels President Pamela Bofinger said. "With the expansion of 4G smartphones and tablets, we are excited about the value our services will provide to our existing and new customers. Vienna Channels' services become even more cost-effective and necessary as 4G smartphones and tablets become more expensive. We are aggressively seeking new business opportunities and leveraging our core competencies in fulfillment, customer care and program reporting."

Many companies currently use in-house programs for demo phones, which often results in low return rates for the phones and added expense for the manufacturer. Conversely, Vienna Channels manages the demo process from beginning to end, providing more products to customers for early trial, adoption and enterprise purchase than an in-house program can deliver.

The results are showing up where it counts most: increased sales. . . . continue reading →

Vienna Channels Enters Into Dummy Phone Fulfillment Market

Colleyville, TX (Vocus/PRWEB) — March 01, 2011

Vienna Channels announces a new program which oversees the distribution of dummy/mockup phones for POS and store display opportunities.

Vienna Channels handles the entire fulfillment process, including online order placement, packaging assembly and next-day shipping. The distribution system makes the process of getting point of purchase materials into the right stores a seamless one; essentially a set-it-and-forget-it process for manufacturers. Vienna Channels can also manage the store distribution lists and notify manufacturers of undeliverable materials. It makes the fulfillment process fully accountable and gives manufacturers a full, detailed picture of the mockup phone distribution program. . . . continue reading →

Vienna Channels Increases Social Connections with Wireless Industry

Colleyville, TX (Vocus/PRWEB) — January 20, 2011

Vienna Channels, designer and implementer of comprehensive demo programs for the top wireless carriers & mobile technology manufacturers, is expanding its online presence through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and a new blog.

Vienna Channels is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and the best in quality when it comes to oversight of wireless demo programs. In addition, Vienna Channels is looking forward to building connections with wireless sales and marketing executives as well as CIO's of Fortune 1000 companies.

"We are excited to launch our social media community and build better relationships with our community online," said Pamela Bofinger, Vienna Channels founder. In addition . . . . continue reading →