Frequently Asked Questions About Our Services

ROI - Why Vienna Channels

   Can outsourcing our demo program save us money?
   Can an efficient demo program make us more profitable?
   We're the manufacturer, so we know our own products inside and out. Why do you say the quality of the demo units is better if Vienna Channels ships them?
   Our salespeople need to know who has a demo unit in their hands. Isn't it easier for our salespeople to send the demo units to the prospects?


   We don't have a distribution channel for our demo units when they reach End-of-Life. Can you help with this, too?
   I've heard that your system has been licensed and used by clients in foreign markets as well. Is this true?
   We need to ship demo units. But we're new, and our volume is small. Would Vienna Channels work with us?


   You say you work with the major players in the industry. Why aren't you screaming their names all over your site?
   I hadn't heard of Vienna Channels until recently, and suddenly everyone is talking about your services. What's the deal?
   Do you have any testimonials from satisfied customers?

Privacy Issues

   What happens when I provide information on registration forms?