Advantages of Working with Vienna Channels

Savings: Save Up to 65% When Compared to an In-House Program

Vienna Channels has streamlined and fine-tuned the demo process beyond any level previously attempted. Because it's all we do, we can put products into the hands of customers for less. Our unsurpassed return rates for devices results in even greater cost savings and value.

Efficiency: Fulfillment Processes Designed Specifically for Demos

Vienna Channels makes getting demos into the hands of customers a seamless process. Beginning with online order placement to next day shipment and easy product return, Vienna Channels simplifies the demo process. Expect exceptional efficiency. It's Vienna Channels' focus and passion.

Reliability: A Committed, Focused Team Working for You

Vienna Channels distinguishes itself by delivering quality service at every level. Our team is personally committed to ensuring that every device going out the door meets or exceeds our high standards. Each device is thoroughly inspected, cleaned, updated and reconditioned, reflecting an uncommon attention to detail.

Information: Reports, Analysis, and Communication

We document every step of the process and provide complete reporting and analysis for sales teams to maximize their potential. All inventory, customer information, and purchase projections are tightly tracked so that no sales opportunities are lost. And your customers receive a consistent flow of professional branded communication throughout their demo cycle.

Accountability: We Track Every Order and Every Unit

Do you know the ROI of your product trials? Do you know how many units were lost or damaged during your most recent demo cycle? With a demo program managed by Vienna Channels, your ROI is clear. We get almost every unit back, and we report every stage of the process. Suddenly, your demo programs are rigorously accountable.

Annual demo program costs,
comparing a typical in-house demo program to a demo program managed by Vienna Channels

  • 4600 units shipped
  • 145 giveaways
  • 383 demo shipments per month
  • $225 cost per unit