Sales-Focused Demo Programs for Mobile Device Manufacturers & Carriers

Vienna Channels designs and implements comprehensive demo programs for the top wireless carriers & mobile technology manufacturers — all with the goal of driving sales. Finally . . . product trials done right.

Because of our high return rates and expertise in demo programs, we deliver more wireless products to your customers for early trial, adoption, and enterprise purchase than an in-house demo program can deliver. And we make your company look its best by giving your customers a professional demo experience (via quality products, branded interfaces, and ongoing communication).

Who uses Vienna Channels for their company's product demos?
  • The top two wireless carriers in the USA.
  • The top mobile email provider.
  • The biggest operating system software company in the world.
  • Several major phone manufacturers.
  • A major GPS device manufacturer.
Do Demos Better

You have mobile devices, and your customers want to try them. But getting the two together can be a challenge. We make it easy, efficient, and affordable.

How We Help

It's not often you can improve your service and lower your costs at the same time. Because we specialize in demo programs, you can do just that.

Calculate Your ROI

What are you spending? Enter your cost per device, and see how you can improve your ROI with our professionally-managed demo programs.

Demo users reached in an in-house demo program vs. a VC demo program

  • initial inventory: 1000 demo units
  • your return rate per cycle: 30%
  • VC return rate per cycle: 95%
  • 4 demo cycles completed